Reader's Choice Award Winner

On the outside, Grace Kelly’s life waiting tables in Philadelphia seemed pretty ordinary. If only she knew the truth. Following a painful breakup, a bizarre series of events involving a cryptic code lead her to move to an island on the West Coast of Canada where she is selected for an experimental course inside a castle.

Taught by a nameless professor, no one seems to know what the class is about and Grace’s curiosity pushes her to find answers. Attempting to uncover the purpose of the course, Grace finds herself caught up in a journey to unlock an ancient mystery. Little does she know that this mystery has more to do with her than she ever imagined.

Like no story you have read before, each chapter of My Promise is written to a piece of music. This allows readers to immerse themselves within the emotion of the narrative. Will you find and decipher the codes hidden within the pages? Will the mystery make sense in the end? There’s only one way to find out…


A Guide for Life's Journey

When Noah Bolinder and Randy Conklin graduated high school and started university, they realised how poorly school was preparing them for the real world. When it came to many questions like:


How can I achieve success?

Who should I date?

What is the point of my life?


school did not provide solid answers. Thrive is a book written by young people, for young people and is the book the authors wish they could have read before finishing school. Balancing questions with answers, Noah and Randy work with readers to establish a roadmap for their lives. Modelled after the structure of a tree, Thrive helps readers build their worldview (roots), live out their beliefs (trunk), develop their lifestyle (branches), navigate relationships (fruit) and plan for their future (growth). Bold and challenging, Thrive honestly and insightfully equips young people to face life with confidence and discover their purpose.


What is the meaning of love, marriage, gender and life? Is there a secret behind the Holy Grail that unlocks the mystery?

Nearly 2000 years ago, Jesus of Nazareth gathered his disciples at the Last Supper and presented them with a cup known as the Holy Grail. Many authors have made sensational claims about the Grail, stating that an ancient mystery has hidden what Jesus was really pointing to when he took the cup. But what if they were right? What if there really is a hidden secret behind the Grail?

In Love Quest, you will discover that the message Jesus was communicating at the Last Supper was not a mystery at all, but has become lost due to our lack of understanding of ancient Jewish culture and scriptures. Walking through stories in the Bible and gathering clues along the way, readers will come to see that Jesus was revealing something shocking through the Grail. He was unveiling the meaning of love, marriage, gender and life itself.

In an age where questions surrounding the meaning marriage, gender, sexuality and humanity’s purpose on earth have never been greater, Love Quest provides insight on the Biblical narrative that is sure to challenge readers and leave them stunned with the truth that has been hidden in plain sight for thousands of years.