When Noah Bolinder and Randy Conklin graduated high school and started university, they realised how poorly school was preparing them for the real world. When it came to many questions like:

  •  How can I achieve success?
  •  Who should I date?
  •  What is the point of my life?

school did not provide solid answers. Thrive is a book written by young people, for young people and is the book the authors wish they could have read before finishing school. Balancing questions with answers, Noah and Randy work with readers to establish a roadmap for their lives. Modelled after the structure of a tree, Thrive helps readers build their worldview (roots), live out their beliefs (trunk), develop their lifestyle (branches), navigate relationships (fruit) and plan for their future (growth). Bold and challenging, Thrive honestly and insightfully equips young people to face life with confidence and discover their purpose.