When Noah Bolinder and Randy Conklin graduated high school and started university, they realised how poorly school was preparing them for the real world.

When it came to many questions like:


How can I achieve success?

Who should I date?

What is the point of my life?


school did not provide solid answers. Thrive is a book written by young people, for young people and is the book the authors wish they could have read before finishing school. Balancing questions with answers, Noah and Randy work with readers to establish a roadmap for their lives. Modelled after the structure of a tree, Thrive helps readers build their worldview (roots), live out their beliefs (trunk), develop their lifestyle (branches), navigate relationships (fruit) and plan for their future (growth). Bold and challenging, Thrive honestly and insightfully equips young people to face life with confidence and discover their purpose.

Meet the Authors:

Randy Conklin & Noah Bolinder



Randy and Noah met in grade six and are lifelong friends. They’ve done many wild things together including


  • Shaving their heads into mohawks.

  • Co-founding and directing a youth conference.

  • Hiking several snow-capped mountains.

  • Living in the area known as the “Hood” in Canada’s most dangerous city.

  • Running 55 kilometres in a single day.

Ten Fun facts about Randy:

  • Graduated with high honours from the University of Victoria with a double major in Physics and Astronomy.

  • Is currently working on a Ph.D  in Physics at the University of Toronto where he is researching Quadratic Gravity.

  • Has a blackbelt in Kung-Fu.

  • Won the Physics, Chemistry, Biology, French, Spiritual Leadership & Governor General’s award in his grad class in high school.

  • Favorite movie: The Book of Eli.

  • Favorite Ice-cream: Skor.

  • Favourite sport: Rock climbing.

  • Favourite Vacation place: Anywhere with a cabin.

  • Favourite drink: Gatorade Rain.


Ten Fun facts about Noah:

  • Travelled to the Republic of Kiribati.

  • Volunteered in Canada’s Parliament in Ottawa.

  • Has been on the fastest train in the world.

  • Is currently in grad-school working on his MDiv.

  • Plans to release more book in the future.

  • Favorite movie: Return of the King.

  • Favorite Ice-cream: Chocolate fudge.

  • Favourite sport: Hockey.

  • Favourite Vacation place: Hawaii.

  • Favourite drink: Pina colada.



Randy Conklin is a black belt in Kung-Fu and graduated with a combined honours degree in Physics and Astronomy from the University of Victoria. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Physics at the University of Toronto where he is researching quadratic gravity. Randy loves spending time helping young people discover their purpose in life and enjoys listening to philosophy lectures online when he’s not writing papers. 


Noah Bolinder is passionate about helping young people navigate life’s challenges and works with teenagers as a team leader at Young Life Canada. A dual citizen of Canada and Sweden, Noah enjoys traveling, hiking, caving, YouTubing and eating Greek food. He studied Public Administration at the University of Northern British Columbia and graduated with a degree in Professional Communication from Royal Roads University. Noah is currently working on his Master of Divinity and lives in Victoria, British Columbia.      

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